Campbeltown had more than 20 distilleries at the turn of the nineteenth century. 

Today there is a resurrection of the industry with the highly rated Springbank producing several expressions. 

Hazelburn, with the lesser known Glen Scotia - Lomond Company, will provide three stills operating in Campbeltown. 

Glen Scotia Double Cask 46% 5cl
Longrow 46% 70cl
Glen Scotia Double cask matured 46% 5cl
Glen Scotia Victoriana 51.5% 5cl
SPRINGBANK 10 Y/O 46% 20cl
HAZELBURN 12 Y/O 46% 20cl
SPRINGBANK 15 Y/O 46% 5cl
GLEN SCOTIA VICTORIANA Single Malt Scotch Whisky 51.5% 70cl
LONGROW 46% 5cl
SPRINGBANK 15 Y/O 46% 70cl
SPRINGBANK 10 Y/O 46% 70cl
LONGROW 46% 70cl
SPRINGBANK 10 Y/O 46% 5cl
HAZELBURN 12 Y/O 46% 5cl