Single Grain Whisky

Grain whisky is usually made from 10-20% malted barley and then other unmalted cereals such as maize or wheat, so differs from Malt Whisky where 100% malted barley is used. 

The still used to make grain whisky, a Coffey still named after its inventor Aeneas Coffey, is also different and can be run continuously rather than in batches when making a single malt. It has two tall columns - a rectifier and an analyser and it produces Scotch grain spirit at about 94% alcohol by volume. The distilled grain spirit is lighter in character and aroma than most malt whiskies and therefore requires  less time to mature. The bulk of matured grain whisky is used for blending.

Distillers discovered that if you leave a grain whisky maturing for longer than 20 years the flavours are extremely delicate and sweet. A single grain is the top end of grain whisky production where the whisky has been made at only one grain distillery and not mixed with another.

Invergordon 25 Y/O The Easy Sipper 46.5% 70cl
GIRVAN 1989 Celebration Of The Cask 51.4% 70cl
GIRVAN 1989 Celebration of the Cask 47.5% 70cl
HAIG CLUB Single Grain 40% 70cl
HAIG CLUB Single Grain 40% 5cl
STRATHCLYDE 25 Y/O The Sovereign 51.7% 70cl
NORTH BRITTISH 1989 25 Y/O The Sovereign 59.7% 70cl
INVERGORDON 1984 30 Y/O The Soverign 59.6% 70cl
Cambus 33 Y/O 42.5% 70cl bottled by The whisky Cellar.
North British 14 Y/O Single Grain Golden Cask 59.7% 70cl
Dumbarton 32 Y/O Golden Cask 47.1% 70cl
Dramfool Carsebridge 44 Y/O 41.5% 70cl
Invergordon 31 Y/O 46.5% 70cl The Whisky Cellar