Aberfeldy is the best known of John Dewar Sons' distilleries. At the heart of all Dewar's blends lies the single malt brewed at Aberfeldy. In common with the rest of the industry, John Dewar & Sons were on the crest of a wave by the early 1890s. It was in 1898 that the firm came of age. Several factors had come together. Scotland had become more fashionable thanks to Queen Victoria, the expansion of the British Empire had generated a worldwide demand for British goods and the introduction of blended Scotch whiskies had rendered the strongly flavoured Highland malts more palatable. For the Dewars, Aberfeldy proved more enduring than most. Even today, the Aberfeldy distillery is considered the spiritual home of Dewar's whiskies. Apart from serving as a window to our whisky brand and heritage, the Aberfeldy distillery is of great importance as it is the home of the respected single malt that is the heart of the Dewar's family of blends. It stands for tradition, craftsmanship and determination. As Tommy Dewar said, 'We have a great regard for old age, when it is bottled.'

ABERFELDY 12 Y/O 40% 70cl